Vinyl siding holds a wide variety of advantages, including the fact that it is easy-to-install & convenient to maintain…but is it durable?

  • Will your vinyl siding stand up to harsh weather conditions, seasonal changes or temperature fluctuations?
  • Can it handle kids playing baseball, car doors, or even driveway hockey games?

The short answer would be YES!  But let’s get into the details; after all, we’re talking about your home here…

Our name and reputation have been built on creating quality products and we never stop blazing the trail toward leading-edge innovations so you and your customers can enjoy the very best vinyl siding options.

  • Looking for siding that is protected from distortion by the sun’s heat? We’ve got you covered with SpectraShield technology, enhancing overall product performance.
  • Want richer colors that last longer? You got it! KP’s Chroma Lock™ process fuses the molecular structure of acrylic and vinyl to produce more fade resistant colors.
  • Want a promise of durability that your siding will last for years to come? No problem! KP’s Cyclone System™ was invented to provide extra rigidity and wind resistance and our Ultra-Vinyl™ UV technology means superior weatherability and color retention.
  • Of course, you want your siding to look great, so your wish is our command! KP’s InstaLock™ system promotes a tighter panel lock for a better fit and smoother look.

Looking for more?

Like anything in life, it’s nice to know you are protected and when it comes to choosing siding for your home, there is no difference.  We stand by our products and the R&D behind them, allowing us to offer such a complete warranty. Take a look!

Warranty Information

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