According to the 2017 US Census Bureau’s annual home report, vinyl siding has held the top spot in exterior home cladding for new single-family homes for 23 years. And for good reason. Vinyl siding’s numerous benefits — primarily its affordability in comparison to alternatives such as wood or brick and its low-maintenance requirements — have enabled it to reign supreme as the most-used exterior cladding product.

Vinyl siding manufacturers continue to make significant technological advancements but not all vinyl siding or vinyl siding products are the same. So here are ten things you should know about vinyl siding before choosing a product:

1. Color Choices Have Increased Significantly Due to Technological Innovations.  Years ago, vinyl siding colors were beige or pastel. However, over the years, as vinyl siding manufacturers have invested in research and development to improve their products, significant advances in technology have made different colors possible. Check out our vinyl siding color pages for inspiration.

2. Vinyl Siding is an Excellent Cladding Option For High Winds. The KP Cyclone System™  nail hem provides extra rigidity and resists winds up to 201 mph.

3. Horizontal vs Vertical Siding Can Impact The Look. Horizontal siding tends to look best on traditional houses, while vertical panels fit well with many contemporary designs. Horizontal siding will elongate your home’s appearance. However, if your have a one-story home, horizontal siding can make it appear shorter so adding stone to the bottom rows can solve this problem by adding visual height.

4. Vinyl Siding Should Have The ASTM Standard 3679 Designation. Vinyl siding standards are covered by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard 3679. Any vinyl siding you buy should have this designation on product fact sheets and packaging. This is, however, a minimum standard, and you should pick a product that exceeds the minimum standards.

5. Combining Multiple Types of Siding Offers Many Design Options. Did you know that you can combine three or more different exterior claddings for a bold and contemporary look? As a matter of fact, certain subdivisions actually require this type of exterior cladding design.

6. Durability is a Key Factor. Given that a home’s cladding is likely to last a lifetime, durability is paramount. Look for a vinyl siding manufacturer that can provide products with the highest resistant to rain, wind and sun, like our KP Cyclone System™  with an innovative nail hem that provides extra rigidity and resists winds up to 201 mph.

7. Vinyl Siding With The Look of Real Wood. Vast improvements in technology by vinyl siding manufacturers means you can get the look of real wood without the hassle and expense of repairing and maintaining wood. Products like our Hudson Bay, Adirondack®, and Maxim® Board and Batten provide the authentic look of natural wood with realistic shading in the wood grain.

8. Look For Products With The Best Warranty Coverage. The best vinyl siding manufacturers will offer lifetime warranty coverage against peeling, flaking, rusting, blistering, chipping, cracking and rotting. Additionally, look for warranties against fade resistance and hail damage as well as the ability to transfer the warranty to a new homeowner.

9. The Most Environmentally Friendly Choice. Did you know that vinyl siding is not only the most economical choice, it’s also the most ecological option on the market, contributing less to global warming than other cladding options? Vinyl siding is extremely durable making it more sustainable than its substitutes. Premium vinyl siding is energy-efficient and reflects radiant heat, reducing thermal conductivity to help keep your house cool. Vinyl siding also can reduce noise by as much as 45%.

10. Proper Installation is as Important as Choosing a Quality Product. Even the most expensive siding will buckle and warp if not put on correctly. Vinyl siding expands and contracts significantly with temperature changes, so an experienced contractor is crucial to a good siding job. Always check references of contractors you are considering for your vinyl siding installation.


Looking for more inspiration when choosing your vinyl siding product?  Find your inspiration here!



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