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Construction is one of the largest industries in the world and there are thousands of jobs available as we speak.

That’s why it’s easier than ever to find a job with benefits , great pay and potential for growth. You don’t have to sit behind a desk to be successful!


of contractors report they can’t find the skilled workers they need.

6 reasons to pursue a career in vinyl siding installation

  1. Security: the construction industry is growing with roughly 790 400 jobs added by 2024.* (1)
  2. Stability: starting wages average around $15/hour with the potential to make a solid living as a beginner.* (2)
  3. Fun: enjoy what you do in a career that lets you work with your hands, stay active, and build something tangible.
  4. Possibility: the more experience you get on the jobsite, the more potential you have to grow and develop your career.
  5. Challenge: every day offers up a new project and a new opportunity to learn, allowing you to always stay engaged.
  6. Accessibility: it’s easy to get started and vinyl siding is one of the easiest materials you can install so you can begin your new career ASAP!
*Job outlook: Skilled Trade Demand Growing Through 2024, Tradesmen international,

*Occupational Employment and Wages Report, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017.
  • Roughly 800K new jobs added by 2024 (1)
  • 7%. Projected year-over-year job growth through 2024* (1)

Start Your Life

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Perception VS Reality



Vocational-technical schools are for less intelligent kids who can’t hack “regular” school.Some students learn best by doing. If you have a passion for building and working with your hands, follow your heart.
You have to go to a four-year university to be successful.

There is a huge opportunity in construction.

  • 800K jobs added by 2024* (1)
  • Average wages starting at $37K* (2)
  • Make up to $70K with more experience.
Long-term careers don’t exist.

Create your own identity

  • More than 12% job growth expected through 2024.
  • Get started as an installer and grow into an entrepreneur, running your own crew
You don’t make a difference.You can make a difference every day by building homes for families and improving the aesthetics of communities across the country.

Average student loan debt after graduation: nearly $38K* (3)

Basic requirements for vinyl siding installers
When it comes to skills, just practice your measuring and hammering skills. Everything else is pretty straightforward.

  • At least 18 years old
  • High school education or equivalent
  • Driver’s license or transportation
  • Basic carpentry skills
  • Pass a drug test 


*Job outlook: Skilled Trade Demand Growing Through 2024, Tradesmen international,

*Siding Installer Salary,, 2015
*A Look at the Shocking Student Debt Statistics for 2018, Student Loan hero, 2018.

Opportunities are waiting for you in construction

Today, with more than 9 million employees, the construction industry is a growing industry with a vibrant workforce. But there is labor shortage that remains a massive problem for those hiring. In fact, more than 80% of contractors report they can’t find the skilled workers they need. If you’re ready for a career change, consider a path in construction.

 Earn up to $70K as a senior siding installer* (3)

Vinyl siding: Simple to install, better for business

If you have basic knowledge around tools and handy work, you can apply for a vinyl siding installation job and get started ASAP!A typical day on the job includes:

  • Prepare surfaces by removing old siding, windows and gutters
  • Use a tape measure to ensure all materials are cut to the right length
  • Use a hammer to apply vinyl siding to the home’s exterior 
*The Ten Fastest Growing Industries in the U.S, Forbes, 2017.

*Siding Installer Salary,, 2018.
*, Siding Installer salary, 2018.

4 reasons to make the switch to vinyl siding installation

  1. Career stability: 7 of the top 10 industries with the highest growth are related to construction. That means plenty of job availability and long-term stability.* (1)
  2. Solid income: Step on the jobsite and start gaining applicable experience. Installers can make up to $70K and if you start your own business, you can earn six figures.* (2)
  3. Leave the desk behind: Sitting at a desk can cause actual harm to your health. Installing vinyl siding is easier on your body than other construction jobs and can help keep you active.
  4. Learning new skills: It’s time to develop an entirely new set of skills to advance your career. Go in with an open mind and start learning directly from the pros on the job site.

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