Every aspect of the construction industry seems to be affected by a common ailment; lack of labor. Whether it is siding installers, plumbers or electricians, all these skilled workers are in high demand.

Why the shortage?

Messaging, for one. We have all been led to believe that university is the only road to success and ultimately career fulfillment. We believe this messaging is flawed; everyone learns differently, some can gobble up books and love memorizing data but those same people might be completely lost if they had to figure out what caused a small appliance to suddenly stop working. Many people learn with their hands, touching every component and visualizing how each element fits together. They are called skilled trades for a reason, it requires learning a skill.

Financial growth

How many of us know a university graduate who is working in a field that is not related to their degree? On the flip side a trade graduate (such as a plumber, installer, and contractor) have to turn work away at times. What a wonderful problem to have, right?

With a skilled trade degree, you can start working straight away with a heavy debt weighing you down. On average a skilled tradesman can start off earning $60,000. Building on this, since skilled trades are scarce, their wages increase. This means they will quickly be climbing that financial ladder. We also noticed that quite a few trade workers, who start out their careers at a young age, are proud owners of their own companies with some making close to $250,000!

Be your own boss, nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and laugh all the way to the bank with a skilled trade.

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