Vinyl siding is the number one choice of remodelers, builders and homeowners. Used alone or in combination with other exterior cladding, vinyl and other polymeric siding deliver undeniable curb appeal at the most affordable price. An impressive list of benefits includes lasting beauty, durability, extremely low maintenance, sustainability and great value.

Some competitors continue to make claims that simply are not true. In this brochure, we present the facts about vinyl siding and important things to consider about brick.



  • Vinyl siding offers an impressive variety of profiles and shapes, with ideal choices to suit virtually any architectural style; an ever-increasing spectrum of colors, including darker options and period colors; and comprehensive architectural trim options and accessories in matching and complementary colors.
  • While recognized for its attractive appearance, brick’s limited variations and color options are not suited for popular architectural styles, including Queen Anne and Craftsman. Because accessories are not available in brick, many brick homes rely on high-maintenance trim (e.g., wood) to complete the look.


  • Vinyl siding has the lowest total installed cost of any exterior cladding.  An independent agency ensures that certified vinyl siding installers are trained and tested on ASTM-accepted application techniques.
  • Brick’s labor-intensive process equates to higher installation cost; about 420 percent more expensive than vinyl siding. Due to weight, it is more expensive to ship to job site.

Environmental Impact

  • Vinyl Siding qualifies as an environmentally preferred product.  Per BEES software analysis, has lower environmental impact than brick in total embodied energy, global warming potential and criteria air pollutants
  • Per BEES software analysis, brick’s effects on global warming are three times greater than those of vinyl siding


  • Vinyl siding is has the lowest total installed cost of any exterior cladding; has no long-term maintenance costs; no evidence of different appreciation rate of property value compared to other types of exterior cladding; and lifetime, transferable warranties are available
  • Brick is nearly 400 percent more expensive material cost than vinyl siding and maintenance to re-point joints adds to life cycle cost of the home

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