What is New Urbanism?

The New Urbanism movement has been around since the 1980s however is has seen significant growth in the past few years. Why has interest shifted? Awareness for one. As new generations, which are much more eco-conscious, are becoming first time homeowners they are looking at ways to lessen their impact on the environment.

The New Urbanism movement promotes the return to the traditional town, where you can walk everywhere and leave your car at home. The layout of these towns is thoroughly thought out, homes, commercial spaces and parks are all in walking distances from each other usually in a grid formation. The goal of such a design is primarily to improve the quality of life of the community as a whole from a social, environmental and personal stand point.

Why KP Vinyl is the perfect fit

In order to further the positive impact on the environment, architects and builders in the movement seek eco-friendly building materials. Although vinyl siding was long overlooked in the environmental category, green builders are taking a second look due in part to its little to no waste in manufacturing. They also take into consideration the efficiency in transporting this lightweight material, the less weight the truck carries equals less fuel consumption, less emissions. Let’s not forget that at the end of its life vinyl siding can also be recycled where areas permit. Find out more about KP Vinyl Siding commitment to the environment here.

When selecting materials for New Urbanism towns another factor to consider is maintenance. Low maintenance building products are highly sought after as they will require little upkeep therefore improving the quality of life of the community by freeing up their time. KP Vinyl Siding offers peace of mind by providing a limited lifetime warranty on its products as as well as a 25 year fade resistant warranty on its deep, rich colors.

This brings to light the biggest change in vinyl siding : color! They used to say vinyl siding was 50 shades of beige , well no more! Due to technological advances, KP Vinyl Siding offers a vast array of colors which architects and designers can easily mix and match with a variety of materials to add visual interest to commercial and residential buildings.

Another element to consider is the energy efficiency insulated siding can offer. KP Vinyl Siding’s   Ashbury I/S Collection can, in conjunction with other materials on the house, increase the overall R Value of the building.  Consuming less energy will not only reduce your energy bill, it will also help reduce the carbon footprint.

As eco-consciousness keeps increasing and the work/life balance keeps shifting, we are sure to see New Urbanism towns pop up across the country and we are proud to offer a sustainable as well as an eco-friendly product to help propel such a great endeavor.

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