Fashion isn’t the only place where trends make a comeback. As it turns out, some architectural home styles also go through similar cycles. The American Ranch is a perfect example. An American favorite in the 50’s, this home style experienced a major decline in popularity starting in the 70’s and lasting for two decades. It then made a triumphant return in the late 90’s. Today, according to a survey by Trulia where listings across the United States were extensively analyzed, it is the most popular architectural home style in the country.

What distinguishes this beloved architectural home style from other styles? The American Ranch is a one story home, ideal for families with young children and for people who might prefer a home without steep steps. In addition to the low-pitched roof sported by ranches, these homes are characterized by a large picture window which faces the street. Furthermore, the American Ranch is generally L or U shaped, making it relatively easy to add-on to the home. However, while expanding might be simpler because of the home’s horizontal layout, the bigger the ranch becomes, the more land will be needed.

Freshening up the exterior of the American Ranch can also be easily done especially if you keep these few tips in mind:

Choose a lighter color siding

This will help create a sense of grandeur. Another plus when using a neutral lighter colored siding, it allows you to play with color when it comes to accessories such as the front door, windows, light fixtures and even adding splashes of boldness with your landscaping.

Choose the right siding profile for your home

As mentioned earlier, American Ranch homes are quite long, using a siding that can accommodate this is ideal. We prefer to pair this home style with our Maxim XL collection. This product line features lovely muted tones perfectly suited for the American Ranch as well as extra-long siding panels. Using a shorter vinyl siding panels will result in visible seams on the walls, not a look that anyone wants. The extra length provided by KP’s Maxim XL reduces these by up to 33%. Some of the walls might not even have any, creating a beautiful seamless look.

So tell us, do you live in an American Ranch?

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