Construction season is upon us and although slightly different from previous years, we are still predicting a steady season. In certain regions, “business as usual” will be modified to adhere to new rules and regulations.

We know that there are many options of exterior cladding and now with these new rules in place, factors that might not have been top of mind are now just that.

Advantages of vinyl siding for installation

Unlike many other siding options which can be very labor intensive to install, vinyl siding installation is relatively quick and easy. The material is lightweight, making it a simpler install and will require fewer hands on the job site. Not only will this reduce labor costs, it will also allow for an easier compliance if the number of workers on a site must be lessened in order to conform to new regulations.

Another advantage of installing vinyl siding is that it does not require any special tools or respirators, allowing for a much safer job site.

Vinyl siding was engineered to provide a much faster installation:

  • Lightweight product, fewer hands on the job site
  • Built in locking system on each panel, allowing a faster install.
  • No specialized tools required, safer for your employees and the homeowners
  • Durable product that will ensure less waste on the job, cutting down costs
  • All these advantages also provide additional benefits to the homeowner, by cutting down the length of time the homeowner will be inconvenienced while the installation is completed.

Although vinyl siding has many other advantages from its extensive , bold color palette, its design versatility as well as its low maintenance quality, allowing you to provide a safer work environment is surely at the top.

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