Does your home look like it’s missing something? Trim for your windows and doors may be the answer.   Like a frame to a painting, your home needs trim as a finishing touch! Trim adds an element of depth to your home’s exterior and can really help set it apart from the neighbours.  Let’s take a look at some of the details that you should take into consideration when choosing the look you are going for.

Check your neighborhoods!  You could use the neighbours’ homes as leverage to make your home stand out! (No no no, that’s not cheating! It’s common practice). Borrow a color from your neighbours home to use as an accent or trim on your own home (so long as it matches) and your home will both stand out and blend in beautifully.

Play with Color Combinations!   Choose a complementary color to your siding as your trim. Add an accent color to complete the look. Here are some color combinations that we love:


Style! Take some time to decide what look your house is calling for; a traditional look or one that calls for a fluted corner? Or perhaps a corner bead? Find different style options here.

Mother Nature! We never know what kind of weather is coming our way. All we know is we need to be prepared! Vinyl Trim FX is made to withstand the elements with KP’s vinyl technology; you’ll never have to worry about painting, peeling, flaking, chipping, or any of the other hazards of wood.

Once you’ve made your decisions, it’s time to sit back and watch your home come together. You’ll find that with the installation of trim, it’s the perfect final touch for the exterior of your home.


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