Ah…the American dream! To have a family, perhaps a dog, and a white picket fence at the edge of your lawn. We’ve all heard it before and we all knew what color the fence was, but how about the home? What does an American home look like?

While certain home styles are definitely more popular than others, there isn’t a single American home per say. Instead, American residential architecture is a combination of several different styles, which are vastly influenced by both historic eras and past events. In addition to demographic factors, another major factor that helps determine the extent and duration of architectural trends is geographic location. Finally, most home styles are interrelated, either because of their common origins, or their influence on one another or because they are often combined.

At KP, we thought we’d give you a glimpse at four of our favorite home styles.

The townhouse: Most common in urban areas, town homes or row houses are houses that, while individually owned, share walls with adjacent homes. Contrasting their small lots, the homes are fairly large, often two or more stories high.

KP Vinyl Siding

The modern or contemporary home: Asymmetrically shaped, typically featuring flat roofs and very large windows, these bold homes often incorporate elements of nature and little to no ornamentation.

Modern home using KP Norman Rockwell vinyl siding in manor

The Cottage country/log house: Some of the distinctive features of these warm rustic rectangular homes include big even windows, a dormer roof and a covered porch, located either at the front of the house or wrapping around it.

KP Vinyl Siding - Adirondack

The bungalow: these beloved homes are notorious for their smaller size, ranging from 1 to 1 ½ story high. Common features include a beautiful bay window located on the side of the house, exposed rafter ends and decorative knee-braces.

KP Vinyl Siding

We’ve told you ours and now we’d love to know yours: what home style fits best into your American dream?  Comment Below!

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Home Designer 2.0

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