The New Year marks a time for change and consequently sparks a need for us to begin new projects around the home. Starting an exterior home remodel can be a very exciting time; however it can also be highly stressful.  Determining a deadline will help in managing the project (and keep you sane at the same time)!

Here are a few tips to help your project stay on schedule:

  1. Have a clear conversation with your contractor. Are they working on other projects at the same time as yours? Make sure they know your deadline so they can work around your time table.
  2. As the homeowner, are you responsible for any materials? Ensure you know when they are needed in order to not delay the project.
  3. Be prepared for surprises! As with any big project, remodeling can throw you some curve balls. Accordingly, keep those lines of communication open with your contractor and stay updated!

Knowing the resources that are available to you while you are in the planning stage is equally important. Here are a just a few!

  1. The Vinyl Siding Institute provides you with vital information such as Finding Certified Installers and Products.
  2. Another popular resource is Houzz, a great site to connect with the pros and browse photos to inspire any home design project
  3. KP’s very own Home Designer 2.0 is an amazing tool that you and your contractor can use to choose the siding style and color. All you have to do is upload a picture of your home, or you can use a photo already provided!

By following and using these tips and resources, your home remodel project will soon become a reality and you will be thrilled with the results!

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