Decorate the front door

Your home’s doorway plays a crucial role in creating a solid first impression. When’s the last time you gave it a good clean-up and facelift? Yeah… that’s what we thought. Take 30 minutes over the weekend to clean up the door and door knob. Use metal polish on the fixtures. Your home’s entry should reflect its interior; dress it accordingly!

Looking for something a little extra? Give your home a splash of color, matching it to either your accent or trim. Make sure it complements the color palette nicely and you stick to the 60-30-10 rule

Create symmetry

Symmetry is both pleasing to the eye and easier to implement from a design standpoint. So why not simplify everyone’s life and make our entry ways more symmetrical? Sconces, flower pots, and well placed wreaths on a door can all add an element of symmetry to your home, leaving visitors extremely pleased without even being able to explain why!

Add shutters or accent trim

Shutters and trim add an element of depth to your home’s exterior and can really help set it apart from the neighbors. The best part? You could use the neighbors’ homes as leverage to make your home stand out!  Borrow a color from your neighbors home to use as an accent or trim on your own home (so long as it matches) and your home will both stand out and blend in beautifully.

Refresh your siding & trims

OK this one may take more than a weekend, but we couldn’t resist. An exterior face lift can completely transform the look of your home and is well worth the investment. Make sure you research how to pick a great color palette, and learn about the different trim board options before making any final decisions.  Explore the possibilities on Home Designer 2.0!

Is your home in need of an exterior home makeover?

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