We stay in during those long (long) winter months keeping us all cozied up inside so it’s no wonder we spend so much time decorating, refurnishing and rearranging the interior of our homes. But as soon as May is upon us, we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We all take great pride in keeping the exterior of our homes nice and tidy, with the lawn mowed, flowers planted, and our welcome mat ready to invite people in.

Our backyard becomes our oasis. We want it to be inviting, where we can entertain family and friends but we also want it to reflect our stylish indoors. Think of it as an extension to your home. Take it from Matthew Yee, of Matthew Yee Interiors:

“Make an outdoor area feel like an extension of the house by using the same color palette and style of furniture that are featured in the interiors.”

Here are a few tips to help you create that cohesive look:

Be true to your style

  • If your home has that warm cottage feel, opt for a beautiful rustic wooden table accompanied by a bench and perhaps a netted swing chair tucked away for when you want to curl up a read or just listen to music.
  • On the other hand, if your style is sleek and modern, think of choosing furniture with sharp lines. Keeping your patio set and complimentary elements in the same shade will help create that modern minimalist look.
  • A quaint Victorian home wouldn’t be complete with a few rose bushes and well-manicured hedges surrounding a wrought iron bistro set under a gazebo, the perfect setting for an afternoon get together.


As with any outfit, accessories help tie it all together.

  • Adding big, comfy pillows to your outdoor seating area will instantly make it inviting. If your look is more shabby-chic, mix colors and textures to create that comfy easiness that is associated with that style.
  • A fire pit is not only a great source of heat on those cool nights, it’s also a stunning focal point. They come in a range of design to suit any style.

Don’t forget Mother Nature

Summer is our time to reconnect with nature and enjoy its peacefulness. Make sure to incorporate flowers that bloom during different times, this will ensure a continuous pop of color. Adding plants with lush foliage will create dimensions in your flower beds or planters. Opt for our favorite low maintenance Hostas, they come in a variety of colors and grow back every year.

Now go on and enjoy the outdoors, soak up as much of this beautiful weather as you can!

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