Looking to elevate the look of your home exterior?  Try these easy tips to get the boost you need:

Front door

Updating your front door, either by replacing it or painting it, will definitely help bring it all together. It’s an easy, relatively inexpensive way to ensure that it flows with your new exterior.  If you went with a modern contemporary look, we might even suggest opting for a wider style door (to note, this would require a professional) but the final result would be worth it. Color will also play an important role; you can be adventurous and pick a shade that will make it pop, reds are always a favorite. If you are looking for a more conservative look, pick a color that will match the windows and trims.


Make sure your house number, door handle and mailbox are in top shape. If these look dated or dingy consider replacing them. You want the whole exterior to reflect the beautiful look you carefully created.


The doorstep is definitely an important area of your home; it’s where your guests wait to be invited in. Adding a welcome mat is a great way to add a cozy touch, a stunning planter or a quaint side table are lovely design elements that will enhance the space. If your landing is small, consider tiling over it, this will freshen things up without overcrowding.


Outside lighting can enhance the architectural flair of your home. You have spent so much time creating the perfect exterior makeover; lighting will help show it off. Before investing in lights, think of the focal points you want to highlight, this will help you determine the type of lighting you require. Not only will adding lights illuminate your home, it will also add warmth to your design.


Once all your finishing touches are taken care of, it’s time to look at the landscaping. Make sure to replace any pavers that have seen better days and don’t forget to remove any weeds that may have crept through them as well.  When it comes to selecting plants and flowers, play around with height as well as color. We also love contrasting textures; the bold broad leaf of a hosta paired with the neat structure of a boxwood creates instant visual interest. Add fresh mulch, not only will it keep moisture it also adds color.

These final touches, some quite small and inexpensive, will greatly enhance the overall look of your home. Now sit back and enjoy your vision come to life.

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