Whether remodeling, adding on, or just giving your home some extra curb appeal, choosing the right siding profile is an important step.  You started your journey by selecting your perfect color, that shade that you fell in love with. Once you have your color, the next step is choosing which profile is best suited to your house style.

Here are a few tips to help you with your project:


Horizontal or Vertical

Your home’s architecture will definitely influence the type of profile you select. More traditional house style will gravitate towards the horizontal siding, this profile lends well to a craftsman as well as Cape Cod styles.The unique look of beaded siding, with its distinctive shadow lines, is well KP Vinyl Siding Manorsuited for the starter of a Colonial house.Vertical siding is not only eye catching; it can also give the illusion of height. We suggest using this profile on one-story homes such as ranch styles. Choosing the vertical siding in a neutral color will also aid in creating a sense of grandeur.

Size matters

Another thing to keep in mind is the width of the profile. A stately home, like a colonial, will benefit from a wider panel as it will enhance the home’s ample facade. Choose a narrower profile that will cast a pronounce shadow to give off the effect of height. Once again, this is ideal for a ranch or bungalow style house.

Shake it up

Don’t be afraid to mix textures when selecting materials for the exterior of your home. Adding polymeric shakes to the gables of your home will not only add visual interest, it will also provide added design dimension.

True to you

Designing the exterior of your home is a big project, it can be complicated and at times overwhelming however we hope that our quick tips on selecting the perfect colors and profiles can elevate some of it. Keep in mind that there are many tops available online, including our Home Designer 2.0 that can help you visualize your dream home.

In the end all these are merely suggestions, if you fall in love with a specific color and profile, go for it! The joy you will experience when driving up to the home you designed is something you cannot measure. Go ahead and let your inner artist shine!

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