Cinnamon is a complex, rich amber-toned color. This multidimensional shade brings to mind spicy cinnamon sticks, burnt sugar and golden caramel colors. Cinnamon will warm up your home’s exterior and create a lovely welcoming aura. Don’t be afraid to pair this color with a variety of shades from earth tons to brooding grays, Cinnamon will add that special touch.

Favorite Combinations

Siding: Cinnamon
Trim: Camel
Accent: Smoke
CinnamonTerra BrownCanvas
Siding: Cinnamon
Trim: Terra Brown
Accent: Canvas
Siding: Cinnamon
Trim: Spice
Accent: Suede

KP Color Selector Kit

We know it’s tough to pick out the perfect vinyl siding color palette for your home.
That’s why we teamed up with the industry’s top designers to bring you our exclusive KP Color Selector Kit!

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