Now that winter is upon us, quite a few of us will be spending more of our time cocooning during this blustery season. I am definitely not knocking those brave souls who actually get out and, dare I say, enjoy the cold weather. I will be the one nestled on the couch under a faux fur blanket, coffee in hand and laptop fully charged.

I find this is the perfect time to research home improvement projects. I intend to redo the exterior siding of my home this coming spring/summer so I am in full planning mode. My first item is color.

I am leaning towards White! I know, I know, white is not technically a color – in fact in art it is actually the absence of all colors – great little trivia nugget for you! So why am I thinking white, I love the crisp, freshness it embodies. The confidence that this color exudes when standing against the vivid summer greens or the bold fall colors; it will always be a standout. Not to mention how lovely it will look blanketed snow trimmed in icy blue icicles.

I also love its versatility; it can be paired with so many colors.Let’s check out a few!

White, black shutters and door

This is a traditional pairing, reminiscent of those large stately homes I used to see driving through Connecticut. This always instilled a sophisticated elegance when these homes caught my eye.

White, charcoal shutters and black door

I added a splash of gray to this combination, softening the harsh contrast of white and black. Grays have definitely moved up in the past years as top exterior colors. These shades have, in fact, become almost neutral thanks in part to the variety of tone range. In my case, I want a brooding dark charcoal to enhance the pure white.

White and blues

This time, I went a bit nautical. I have chosen a strong navy color for the strong door but a softer blue for the shutters, a calming sea shade. These colors instantly exude a laid-back tranquility. Coastal beauty!

White, willow green and charcoal

This pairing is a more subdued one, a lovely natural color palette. This color combination will pair perfectly with its surroundings without competing for attention. I also like how the other shades tone down the brightness of the white. Refinement at its best.

What do you think will work best? Classic, coastal or neutral? Try out the various combinations on our Home Designer 2.0 and give us your thoughts on social media.

Stay warm; I will be in partial hibernation mode doing my research. Once the colors are chosen we will move on to the next item on the list, stay tuned.

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