Brown shades have always been one of the most popular siding colors for home exteriors. However these colors were almost exclusively reserved for wood. In recent years, brown tones have been popping up in vinyl siding satisfying the quest for authentic wood siding colors with very minimal maintenance.

One of our most popular shades at KP Vinyl Siding was inspired by nature: Java Brown. Released in 2017, this color topped the charts at the end of the year. This shade brings a touch of traditional warmth mixed with deeper undertones which add to its complexity.

This complexity is what has made it a favorite with architects and designers. This dark, saturated vinyl siding color showcases the depth of brown tones depending on the light this shade reveals an umber undertone cloaked in the shadows you will see a richer darker chocolate hue. This chameleon like quality makes it a perfect choice when pairing it with other colors or materials.

Traditional appeal

There is no denying the charm and warmth of a lovely home clad in rich brown wood color.  Java Brown adds that cozy touch to any traditional design. We love the authentic rustic appeal of this color. To further enhance its natural beauty we suggest choosing accents in wood color tones such as a mid-tone brown door and windows, a lovely neutral earth shade as a pop in the gables. These wonderfully full bodied shades will create a cohesive color palette without deterring from the surroundings.

Modern versatility

As we mentioned earlier on, Java Brown is a deeply rich color which allows it to be quite versatile. This vinyl siding color pairs nicely with a variety of materials from stone to aluminum, the design options are countless. A modern design, at times, can look a tad clinical incorporating a section clad in this shade will add a welcoming feel. This color is also used to create visual interest when it is combined with elements in contrasting shades such as cream or even whites.

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