America has some bold homeowners these days exploring their dark side; dark colors that is. They are taking notice of their neighbor’s curb appeal with dark vinyl siding and these style-conscious homeowners want in.

So what brought this on? With the onset of online tools, such as our Home Designer 2.0, customers have the opportunity to try daring exterior changes without any risk involved. Once they see how their house would look, many are ready to take the plunge.

Want to give it a try? Simply upload a photo of your home and alter the siding, trims, shutters and roofing, right from your computer screen! You can explore many possibilities of dark siding, such as: Manor, Barn Red, Ocean and the list goes on:

kp_template kp_template_bard_red kp_template_ocean



With such a bold change, you may also be worried about your dark color fading. At KP, we provide armor for your home, our SpectraShield™ Technology. Results have proven that its unique properties and heat resistance capabilities are ideal for these new color trends.

So go ahead and be bold, we’ve got you covered!

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