Check out the Trending Mystic Blue and Ocean Color for Siding

If you are looking for a versatile color for your home, blue siding fits the bill. Working well in different regions and on a range of architectural styles, it’s no wonder this is a popular shade for your home exterior.  It’s serene in nature with a calming effect, making your home a welcome sight at the end of your day.

We have two blues that are trending this year; Mystic Blue and Ocean. Each offering different undertones for your ideal look.

Blue Siding

Blue pairs well with many other colors, giving you many options to choose from for your trim and accents hues.

Here are some of our favorites:

Mystic Blue Siding

Why not try these blues on your home with our tool that can bring your vision to life Home Designer 2.0.  HD 2.0 will enable you to upload your home and choose your colors!


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