So many of us are drawn to the rustic charm of wood shingles, however when it comes to the maintenance behind it, not so much. We love the warmth and natural organic feeling wood shingles give a home but having to paint every few years will surely be a headache, not to mention a negative effect on your bank account!

That’s where Perfection Shingles come in! Our shingles offer the best of both worlds…authentic charm and virtually maintenance-free!

When designing, it’s a good idea to mix colors and textures. Perfection Shingles offer both elements.

  • Choosing shingles in a contrasting color will give your home major curb appeal by making it stand out in the neighborhood.  Explore the possibilities with our latest addition, Perfection Shingles in Manor. This energizing color palette creates bold lines and striking contrasts adding definition, ambiance and a touch of luxury to any home.
  • Reflect on the warmth of cedar shingles when choosing your color; we are partial to our Spice, Umber and Brick colors.
  • Let’s not forget the texture aspect of our Perfection Shingles. Don’t be afraid of incorporating shingles with other existing materials, be it vinyl, wood, or even brick. Mixing different textures will show your architectural flair!
  • If your home is placed on a large yard, shingle-styled homes call for attention-grabbing color.  We suggest choosing darker neutrals such as our Canvas, Dusk or Suede. These colors will work well with your surroundings.
  • Last but not least, think of adding trims in contrasting colors such as a white to bring it all to life.

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