KP Vinyl Siding continuously tracks design trends in architecture and it is clear that dark colors are poised to remain big this year, but there is also a shift to bold, tranquil hues, reminiscent of Mother Nature’s color palette.

Let’s take a look at the trending colors for 2020!


Castlemore is one of our most popular dark shades. As comfortable as your most beloved sweatshirt and as sharp as your best suit, Castlemore is one of our most attractive dark shades. Dress your house in a shade that is sophisticated without being pretentious.


If Mother Earth had a color, we think it would be Sage. This shade whispers of lush forest carpet and woodland foliage. Siding your home in this soft, yet vibrant, green is perfect for you if you feel most at home in nature.


Manor is our darkest color, a mix of smoky charcoal and true black. This bold shade is a true expression of individuality. Let your inner artist shine by combining this shade with splashes of color along the trims, gables and front door. Be the envy of your street.

Mystic Blue

Perhaps it gets its name for the way it calls to mind an endless stretch of ocean or because it’s as enchanting as the sky at twilight, but whatever the case, Mystic Blue is definitely not a fade-into-the-background shade. Make a statement without saying a word.

Terra  Brown

A thick slice of fudge cake, a hot cup of cocoa, or a slab of your favorite candy bar. Indulge in our deepest of chocolaty shades with Terra Brown. A bold shade to suit the statement look you crave.


How ironic is it that blue is another word for sad, when blue is one of the most beautiful shades of the rainbow? If you feel happiest sitting by the sea or gazing at the evening sky, side your house in Ocean, our boldest of blues.

Rest assured your vinyl siding colors will stay as bold and true as when they first installed on your home. Our commitment to color has led our research and development team to develop SpectraShield™ Technology, allowing homeowners everywhere to “indulge in dark, bold vinyl colors”.

Want more info? Take a look at Choosing Exterior Siding Colors



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