Designers everywhere are in agreement; Gray is the new Beige.  It seems to be trending everywhere these days (check out our Color Trends 2019) and it’s no wonder, with the versatility that the color can bring to any design project. It can complement any color combination or simply be used on its own to bring out the best in your home exterior.

Considering a gray exterior for your home? Take these points into account when making your decision:

  • To find the best gray exterior siding for your home, consider the surrounding landscape and nearby architecture.
  • Your home’s position in relation to the sun will also impact how the color appears. Take your color samples outside to see how they look in the natural light.
  • Take the materials used on the house into account. For example, if your home has stone, choose a gray that will mix well with the different tones it can bring out.
  • Always make sure to use Home Designer 2.0! Upload a picture of your home to see what your selections will look like.  It’s great knowing how the end product will appear and help us feel secure in our decisions.
  • Take a look at KP’s gray selection:

           Boulder Gray



           Heritage Gray



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