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KP Vinyl Siding is a privately owned and operated company with eighteen manufacturing plants and 2200 employees throughout North America. We aren’t governed by a board of directors or owned by stockholders. We hold total accountability, and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

For years, we’ve been creating newer, stronger, more attractive vinyl siding styles and designs. We proudly highlight those styles in our most admired branded collections, like our Norman Rockwell line of premium vinyl siding, which consistently earns us top marks in consumer ratings.

Because we take great pride in our sterling reputation, we continually strive to exceed industry standards of quality.

We focus primarily on siding, so we’ve learned how to do it very well.

KP is our manufacturer of choice when it comes to home exteriors.  You will find a variety

of new bold color trends and support that is unmatched.”

James Brooks – President of Platinum Exteriors. 

Our mission is to transform homes by offering a premium solution, sure to reflect the homeowner’s individuality and style.


Curb appeal literally is our business, and we know beauty in exteriors. But we also know that you have your own personal style. That’s why we have so many options in our extensive collection of vinyl siding products to choose from, whether you’re going for the look of a cozy log cabin or a contemporary styled home.

Thanks to our patented ChromaLock™ and SpectraShield™ technology, we can offer our wide variety of textures in the richest and most vibrant colors you’ve ever seen in vinyl (our formula doesn’t fade or warp). And we make all of our premium products from the most durable polymers on the market, so they’ll last a lifetime.

Sure, trends are important to us, but not as important as quality of workmanship and customer service. Perhaps that’s how we’ve succeeded in this business for fifty years.

KP has exceeded our expectations in quality, color and style selection.”

Neil Sciacca – President of New Jersey Siding and Windows, Inc. 


Integrity, transparency, and culture. All traditional core values which have been important to our business and many businesses like ours, throughout the years. While these values are essential—we wouldn’t have survived fifty years in business without them—it is our guiding values that hold us to a higher standard.



As we continue to lead our industry, we will always take pride in our approach of producing superior vinyl siding products, that go above and beyond the standard.


We believe that once you invest in our premium vinyl siding, you should not have to worry about it for many years to come. We take all lengths to provide you with worry-free solutions, including customer-driven support, 25 year no-fade warranty on Plus Colors and our limited lifetime warranty on all our vinyl siding products.


We take great pride in our dedication to continue to grow our company as America’s largest privately owned vinyl siding manufacturer. Our KP family of employees and community partners will continue to benefit from our growth and sustainability.


At the end of the day, your home is a reflection of who you are. We know the importance of offering many styles and colours to suit people’s individuality and tastes. Our vinyl siding has the ability to transform a house into a home.


As architectural styles change (as they tend to do), we continually change along with them. By adding different colors, textures, and sizes to our lineup of products, we will ensure that you can always find a vinyl siding to work in your design, no matter how modern it may be.


KP Vinyl Siding is a privately owned, family run company that has grown through hard work and dedication towards producing premium quality products and customer service. We believe that our internal team and external partnerships are all part of the KP family, and that mindset will continue to drive everyone’s success!


Forced and child labor are antithetical to our mission, vision, and values. We strictly prohibit the use of forced or child labor within our organization as well as within our suppliers’ and subcontractors’ operations. Learn how we are committed to fighting this scourge.

We stand by our siding. All our products are backed by uncompromising customer service and support. Period.


Most of our manufacturing takes place in a small town in Mississippi, called Holly Springs. This town is so small it has one stop light. In fact, most of the residents of Holly Springs go to work in our factory! We’re proud to provide employment in places like this, helping hard-working Americans to earn a good living.

Enjoy the highest of quality with traditional American craftsmanship.

Partnering with KP has helped our business grow.

Danny Cobb – Bi-State Building Products. 

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